Monday, September 29, 2008

Importing iCal (Os X) Calendars to Evolution

I have many calendars onto my, color coded and used to differentiate work projects, activities, etc, so it was really important to have all of them, with the data (doh!) and that I could keep the same color coding transfered as well.

On the Os X box, open iCal, select the Calendars you want to export from the top left, and then:

File -> Export

By default, it will be exported to the Desktop, with the same name as the Calendar, as and ics file. Transfer all the exported Calendars, the ics files, to the Linux box with the Evolution you want to import the data to...

So, to import them to Evolution, keeping the color, here is what I did, open Evolution, goto to Calendars (Ctrl + 3):

- First, create the Calendar on Evolution:

File -> New -> Calendar ('On This Computer', from the drop down menu, set a name like the Calendar you are importing, and set the color too)

- And then, import the actual Calendar onto Evolution:

File -> Import -> (The Wizard pops up) -> 'Import from a single file'

Navigate to the ics file, the Wizard should auto recognize that it is an ics file, and set the selection accordingly on the drop down menu, if not, set as an ics file. I had a problem with the Calendar for birthdays I have manually set, Evolution thought it was a vcf file...

Actually, it is not a Wizard, but an Assistant :)

Select the Calendar you have just created from the list, and Import the ics data to it.


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