Saturday, October 04, 2008

Compiz: Text plugin is a must

One thing I found out after Googling a lot, and personally, I really don't know why this plugin isn't enabled by default, really...

If you use Compiz's "Ring Switcher" to circulate thru your windows, make sure to enable the "Text plugin" as well, hell, even if you use the "Shift Switcher" one, you'll need it; if you want to know the title of the window before switching/ maximizing it ;)

If you don't enable that plugin, you won't see the window title when you are switching between them.

I effing love this effect, the only thing I find rather ugly about it (well, actually, it has nothing to do with the plugin per se) are the default icons that you see when an app is circled thru the Ring Switch and it is minimized; that is because the tiny icon from the Gnome's Window List Panel applet is rather enlarged.

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