Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ubuntu on the Compaq Presario F700 (2)

(With the help of a new SATA HDD... :) )

New HDD! Fun! Fun! Fun!
Getting a new SATA HDD for the Compaq, so I can keep all the Windows Vista/ work stuff untouched, and ready to use in case I need it in a flash.
Yeah, guess I could double boot, but I hate it, and the 80 GB for 2 different OSes would be a tad too small (with all the mp3, videos, etc...), besides, this way it is a lot tidier, all things in the proper place.

If everything goes well, I might get the drive tomorrow, which is actually a bump, since it is a 120 GB one.
I really, really like to get Ubuntu (for starters) really running on this Compaq

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