Sunday, October 19, 2008

Apple, get you sh*t together, man

You cant un-ring a bellOf course -and to be honest, I was sort of expecting this- Apple simply gave a flying f*ck about the TZ Data update here on Argentina.

No, I don't mean the one we had last year, but the one we had today, October the 19th 2008.
Last year Apple had the excuse that the joke we have as government announced the change just a couple of days before doing it (real smart indeed), but this year Apple does not have an excuse, and specially so if you think that we even had a dress rehearsal (or something like that, it was more like a f*ck up actually, but who cares)

Amazing for a company that literally cuts your left ball for its products down here (wel... to be honest, actually, Apple per se has nothing to do with this...), but, you might expect that they will be kind enough of releasing a couple of MBs worth of an update for the folks here in Argentina.

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