Monday, September 08, 2008

Damn DLink & AirPort

The DLink option that SHOULD workToday armed myself with strength, and decided to give it another shot at getting Trantor, my PowerBook beauty, to connect to my DLink 614+ wireless router.
Failed again.

This is the second time that I invest a lot of hours onto this problem.

What a royal PITA this thing is, no matter what I try, even leaving the router wide open does not work (the PBs AirPort does work, as I' able to connect to other networks)
I have followed the advice I found on these 2 Apple Forum posts, to no avail.

- Apple airport card does not connect to encrypted network
- Getting your d link 714P+ to work, dont buy a new router quite yet!
- Airport Will Not Connect at Home -- But Connects Elsewhere !!??!!

The worst part is that Tango, the Windows Vista Queen of the house has no problem whatsoever to connect to the same DLink (and other wireless networks, of course)

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