Sunday, September 07, 2008

Judith reloaded

There is hope for Judith
Friday night did a little dumpster diving, and found a working box lying on the street, the box is a complete piece of sh*t, but, nevertheless, I got it home, clean it a bit, and test it.

Everything seemed to be working Ok, including its whooping 2.5 GB HDD, the CPU is way too slow, 166 MHz, and it only came with 16 MB of RAM. The definition of speed (circa 1990 :D )

So, I gutted the hell out of it, trying to scrape what I can to make a better Judith.

For the kick of it, tried a couple of Linux installs on the monster... CentOS 5 & Ubuntu Server, both failed miserably, I guess due to the CDROM, but I'm not sure.
Didn't try that hard, it was late, and I don't have any specific need for the box (with either OS) at the moment, guess I'll give it a go with OpenBSD tooo.



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