Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dystopia & Post-apocalypse, Pop style

Lately I have been watching a lot of DVDs, say something like 6/7 a week.
Last night I saw movie that I have completely forgot about, Children of man, not only when it made it to the theaters, but also, on DVD; found it on my local Blockbuster by share coincidence.

I really, really enjoyed the film, it deals with many of the subjects of SCI-FI that I like: post-apocalyptic scenarios and the end of society as we know it, besides post nuclear Armageddon.

Searching a bit on the internet, found some of the things -old TV series, mostly- that I believe are the origins for my interest on the matter.

Ark II
(I don't recall how it was called in Argentina, but I remember being fascinated by the vehicle...)

Planet Earth
(IIRC, this one had a special inflatable, pop-up tent, like a tipee)

Genesys II
(Very much like the one above, I recall seeing this on a Sunday, really, really late on TV, I guess on the old Canal 11)

Earth Abides
(The grand daddy of all of them, even before I Am Legend)

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