Monday, April 07, 2008

Zhe Vista has landed (maybe)

Zhe Vista has landed
It is very likely that my employeer (it sounds like if I were working for the CIA :p ) will give me a Windows laptop, with Vista on it.

Never really used Vista before, saw it installed on many boxes at work (but never on mine... ) and I have to say that I'm sort of looking forward to really kick the sh*t out of it test it. I have to say that, IMHO, the GUI looks like real dog doodoo (I'm not a designer, but what the hell, I'm entitled to my design opinions as well :p

Anyways, want to use it a bit, to be informed so I'm able to criticize it with some hardcore facts ;)

Nevertheless, I found a couple of links for Visual Styles to transform the Vista GUI onto something more useful, or perhaps, something more nicer looking.

Leopard 1.0a by ~MaStErHACk

Don't know how resource intensive these might be; or what uxtheme.dll magic -or nay other Vista variant out there- you'll have to pull thru to get them up and running, but I'd like to keep the links handy,
come Tuesday.

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