Monday, March 17, 2008

G33k Sund@y

Last week I was really, really pissed with my DLink router, so I today I took the time to get things under control with the little bugger.
First of all, I changed all the defaults for good, of everything I could find, and just for the kick of it, what a hell, if I don't do it, nobody will.

Besides I have migrated my whole LAN to a new, and much, much clear configuration of IP addresses (in the process I had a few problems with judih, since I forgot to edit the TCP Wrappers config file to the new segment, I'm a schmuck, I know), the new one has a very skinny segment, only 6 hosts (for now, at least).

Also, got the WEP real tight, as well as the MAC filtering, I was a bit on the lax side of the road, since when I got it I was "just testing it".
And, to get things right from the start -and to avoid having the same problem than last week- this time, there is no DHCP server around.

BTW, the LAN, now calls 'arenales.lan'.



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