Friday, July 20, 2018

Movies During The Weekend

Only two movies this past weekend, not a lot of free time, I'm afraid.
Both of the movies, even tho quite different, were sort of animal related... The other were just filling the void ;)

The classic, the one and only Marion.
Wanted to (re)watch this one for quite some time, it was a first time for the GF and she loved it.
Today a movie like this might never get green lighted.

Entertaining and funny, what else do you need on a Sunday afternoon?
The GF and I loved it.

Ok, the GF skipped these three... Went to sleep...

A Brief History of Time:
Wanted to see this doc for quite a long time, I'm a fan of Errol Morris since I've seeing The Thin Blue Line.
Cool, but sort of annoying the decision of not adding a title

The War Room:
Ahh... The glorious 90's...
Another one that I wanted to see for quite a long time. Pretty good, but everything looks sooo dated nowadays...

Modern Romance:
Man, what a drag, even tho Kathryn Harrold was a hottie, this movie sucks. Boring, and also the hairs on the back of Albert Brooks freak me out.
It took me something like four attempts to finally seat thru this one completely.

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