Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Linux Mint 19 Problems: DNS & Lightdm

Been using it on the Optiplex 755 for a little over 10 days now, and these are the annoyances I've found so far.

1- DNS

This one is really annoying, but the solution is fairly easy.
I use hphost to block ads because it takes a minute to setup, it is easy and uses no resources.
One thing I've noticed right after I've enabled it on Linux Mint 19 was that I've lost web browsing, or more specifically, DNS resolution.
That's because on Linux Mint 19 resolvconf uses as DNS instead of the regular (or the one it used abefore)
The solution was fairly easy, edit the file:


with the DNS servers you want to use and then link that file to the /etc/resolv.conf file:

sudo ln -sf /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf

This solution is persistant to reboots.

2- Lightdm

This one is really, ultra annoying... This shit, I'm afraid, happens all the time.
After login back from a locked screen or a Suspend, and after successfully login back in, all I got was a black screen with a working mouse and cursor.
The only solution I've found is to switch to a virtual Console, and then restart LightDM, thru a:

sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm restart

Of course, anything open on the unreachable session will be lost after that, but at least I don't need to restart the whole system(?).

Both this is on a Linux Mint XFCE 64 bits with all the updates installed on a Optiplex 755.

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