Sunday, June 17, 2018

Devuan on The Thinkpad T60p

Installed Devuan (via the Net Installer) on Friday, the idea is to see if a systemd free OS has a lighter push on the old T60p.
In the end everything went A Ok, as opposed as using the Minimal Live ISO, I've tried and tried with that ones, but everything failed using that image...
Baffled, but moved on, so, d'loaded the Net Install ISO, always 32 bits, since this is the T60, and onto the install I jumped.
The install was a piece of cake, using an encrypted LVM.

Chose XFCE (what else, right?) and nothing is new.
The install, once is done, uses around 3 GB of HDD (I have to delete the Games, BTW) and RAM usage, right upon booting, is around 166 MB.
Suspend (and Un-Suspend) works Ok, WiFi and sound too.

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