Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Void Linux + Thinkpad T60p: Sort of Fail

Installed Void Linux today, this time on the T60p, everything went A Ok with the installation, even encrypting the whole disk, on a LVM, like I said, the whole thing reminds me a lot to the FreeBSD/ OpenBSD installer, the "hardest" part is the partitioning.
Anyways, after the base install is done, mandatory reboot, login, even with encryption, everything kosher.
So, boot and on we go to the updates!
After a xbps-install -Suv and downloading some 500 MB of updates, another reboot, and now things went to hell...

Booting passes the encryption, and the login manager pops up A Ok... Login works; but...
After that X dies on me, with an error message like this:

nm-dispatcher: req:1 'hostname' : new request (0 scripts)
nm-dispatcher: req:1 'hostname' : completed: no scripts

Tried re-booting using different kernels, killing Network Manager from a Virtual Console, Ctrl + Alt + Backspace, etc...
Nothing, the whole thing just dies right there.
A real bummer... No more time right now to see what a fuck is wrong with this.

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