Thursday, May 03, 2018

Movies During The Weekend

An extra large weekend around here, so we had time watch movies like monkeys

Call Me By Your Name:
A cool one, selected by the GF, a real find... I was sure it was going to be a really boring one, but it turned out to be quite good.
Not that there is anything wrong with it and later.

An amazing cast on a somehow boring movie, a real surprise to know who directed this movie.

Wild Wild Country:
I saw this one, the GF has already saw it.
Really good entertaining, with amazing stock footage.
One thing only, the thumbnails that Netflix choose are crap, I would never ever watch that based on that, unless it was a reco.

Power Rangers:
I had this one on file or to be watched, for something like a year.
Don't know why the hell I even bother.

Star Trek: Nemesis:
A bit boring, but a real find to see a skinny Bane.

Star Trek: Generations:
Another one on the continuing saga of watching all the Star Trek movies and series available with the GF.

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