Monday, March 05, 2018

Movies During (and After) The Holidays

While waiting for the GF to return I have been watching a couple of movies, mostly to fight boredom and combat the MF heat around here.

Altered Carbon:
Actually this one started on Miami, binge watching it with the GF on a lazy afternoon, we watched the first five episodes or so... I've seeing the first one before, but I was really tired, so slept most of it.
It is really good (with amazing influences everywhere), but, IMHO, it tends to get a little boring towards the end of it.

The Florida Project:
Nice cinematography, well, I love it; but if you see the pictures I took over the years on Miami and Florida, you might know why right away.

Thank You For Your Service:
Naah, nothingness... A big bore.

My Friend Dahmer:
Nope, not mine.

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century:
Damn!! I must have seeing this more than 30 years ago or something like that... Time proved it to be bizarre, really, really bizarre.
The title scene is out of this world.

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