Saturday, November 14, 2015

Flatabulous: Near Perfect Flatness

Lately I've been hunting down flat themes for Unity (after all, I have to keep myself trendy, right?)
One of the best I've found is Flatabulous.
I like it a lot, specially because it's border-less (the Terminal's screenshot on the developer's site looks ultra hip & cool IMHO), it's flat (duh!), looks elegant and nice.
But, I've also found a couple of nasty bugs that ruin the whole thing, the whole experience.
There is one large "black hole" or space on Gedit when there is only one tab open (see screenshot).
Another small horror happens on Evolution's main window, on the section with icons for Contacts, Calendar, Taks, etc (no screenshot for that at the moment), it looks rough, with thick black borders that look from another planet on the whole theme vibe.
A minor gripe, and this is just me, I guess, is that the windows are really square.... I like the top corners of my windows to be rounded, but, hey, I like I said, that's just me...

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