Friday, November 06, 2015

Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaella (XFCE) checklist on the T60p

Some notes I took  on the configuration afterwards the installation of Linux Mint 17.2 XFCE on a T60p.

1- Install updates
Since this is a new, fresh, release there are not that many updates available, arond 157 MB of files or so.
Then reboot the lappie.

2- Turn the damn Caps Lock key to work as a tab
See this Oesediez post
Via Settings > Session and Startup > Add
Logout and back in to activate

3- Install the first batch of extra software:

sudo apt-get install openvpn openssh-server rar unrar emacs23-nox gip wine evolution

4- Set screensaver
Set to blank screen (after 10 minutes) and Lock Screen after 11 minutes
Logout and back in to activate (?)

5- Suspend
Test the suspend & resume of the lappie

6- Get the mouse cursor icon
Copy "basic-goofy-black+" to the directory /usr/share/icons/ and then goto
Settings > Mouse and Trackpad > Thene and select "basic-goofy-black+"

7- Sync files from backups
First from the script "" (create the targets dirs first!)
Then from the script ""

8- Change the login window
System > Login Window
Change from "Mint-X" to "Linux Mint".
Goto Option and un-check "Automatically select  the last logged in user".

9- Global Emacs key kindings
See this Oesediez post
Set thru: Settings > Settings Editor
Select the Channel called xsettings
Select any item on Gtk, and then click on New, and enter the values as on the screenshot.

That is, a new string, with the value Emacs, it is very important to type:

After the "/Gtk/" bit on the Property box.

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