Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Movies During The Weekend

During the last weekend we got our sh*t together and watched a sh*t load of films once again...
  • The Age of Adeline
We actually finished this one, we saw just half of it last weekend.
I still don't like it.

  • The Lost Boys
A true classic that deserves a re-watch now and then, this time on Full HD.

  • Selma
Nice one, the cinematography was the best of the movie.

  • Maggie
A total crap.
Unbelievable stupid movie.

  • Need For Speed
A request of the GF, another one of those car movies.
IMHO, this one is better than the current state of the Fast & Furious series.
The cinematography is awesome.

  • House Of Cards
Our usual TV series as a couple, we watched episode 6 of the third season, the end is (kinda) near!

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