Friday, January 30, 2015

Using a Roku in Argentina

In short (for streaming) a real piece of shit.
Luckily that wasn't the idea when I got the Roku 3... If not, I think I would be extremely pissed...
For instance, Crackle doesn't even load, it belches a warning that it is unsupported on my location.
But the worst, the worst by far, are the PBS and Smithsonian channels.
They load without any issue, you can even see the thumbnails of the different videos, but, you can only play the previews, or any short lenght video for that matter, say, videos that last less than 5/ 10 minutes...
If you try to load a full episode, you get the advertising, and then nothing, a banner saying that there was an error, and that you should try again later.
The solution to this problem is to use TV, it works great and it is free (so far both of these).

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