Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Keep On Roku In The Free World

Got me a Roku 3 the other day, the one with a USB port.
 The idea is to use it to play all my video files, specially since my TV only has one USB port, but, alas 3 HDMI ones...
So, it is kinda nice to have a device that would play all -or most of- my video files, in case the USB port goes down, which doesn't seem too far fetched.
Two things got my immediate attention with this Roku thing, for starters, you can't even use the god damn Roku device, unless you siphon a credit card... Had to call the support people in order to get an alternative URL to register the Roku without using a credit card (alll the links to do so that I found Googling are dead...).
That seemed like a really stupid idea, but who the hell cares what I think?
The other thing, I'm totally mesmerized by the "PBS channel" (in Roku parlance) and the amazing documentaries, I hope they will work, that is, I'll be able to stream those from Argentina as well, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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