Monday, September 08, 2014

East Coast Badboys

A couple of films I've watched these last couple of weeks...
Nothing fancy, just something to watch on the bed before crashing.

  • Across 110th Street
Not much to say, except, I'm glad I was a little kid in the 70's... How on Earht could the use those awful clothes???
When I was a kid, people around here used to refer to NYC like "The Jungle", the place where you have a heart attack on the street and nobody would even bother to stop, not to mention the violence.
Buenos Aires became that, while the gentrification (and Giuliani's iron hand) changed everything, we simply went down the gutter at full speed and having a blast while we are at it.

  • The Town
Not much to say, too surreal to be true.
Suspension of disbelief only goes that far...
  • Ray Donovan
All promises and nothing but promises.
The start (of the first season) was all joy and it looked like the thing might really take off, but it went nowhere.

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