Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Movies and more movies, humidity and more humidity

Truly awful weather during the weekend... Easily above 20 degrees and incredibly effing humid, Saigon weather in the middle of the winter!
So, what you can do? It was time to watch movies!

  • Clear History
Or, Curb Your Enthusiasm goes to Martha's Vineyard, it you like Larry David, you'll pretty, pretty like this one.
Micheal Keaton's Stumpo steals the movie, IMHO.

  • The Wind and The Lion
And all time classic of mine, didn't even remember when was the last time I watch it, to the extent that I had forgotten that it was directed by John Millius!
Love this movie.
Forget about Sean Connery, Brian Keith as Roosevelt is where is at.

  • A Mighty Wind
Wanted to see this one, properly, right from the beginning, for quite a long time.
Spinal Tap isn’t, but it is mighty funny.

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