Thursday, July 24, 2014

Movies 'Til You Drop

Movies and more movies till I crash every night after work...
The last few days I've been covered by work, no time at all for my beloved Oesediez... And no time at all for anything actually.
Only thing I did was watch a lot of movies before sleeping...

The Time Machine
Watched it on HD, the use of colour was amazing, a real eye opener to see it after many years.

The Legend of Billie Jean
Oh man! Time flies...

Where the Wild Things Are
As in Her, I was expecting a lot more.

Murph The Protector
An Ok doc,

One of the best and more entertaining movies I've seen in my life, never get tired of re-watching it.

Didn't know what to expect,  pretty much what I got in the end.

Galaxy Quest
Lovely movie. Entertaining, and the premise is hilarious.
I can watch it over and over.

A total and complete piece of crap... Who goes to the cinema to watch this shit???

Recommended by a friend.
Dystopia on the tracks.

IMHO, to date the worst Aronofsky movie I've seen.

Mad Dog and Glory
An all time classic and favourite of mine.

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