Tuesday, August 19, 2014

LM17 XFCE: Post-install First Steps

  • Wi-Fi setup
My router at home doesn't use DHCP, therefore these are the steps to make it work.

Settings > Network Connections

Add > Wi-Fi > Create

Add all the info for the network connection.

  • Login Window theme
I hate the new Linux Mint login window, therefore...

System > Login Window

I like a GDM one called "Linux Mint" (doh!)...
It is really important that you make sure to de-select, under the Options tab, "Automatically select the last logged in user".

  • Remove stuff
Delete the programs I don't use...


  • Refresh available updates, and then install them.

  • Reboot the lappie.

  • Install all the updates available thru apt-get dist-upgrade.

  • Reboot once again.

  • Set an even locale throughout the desktop...

Settings > Languages > Apply System-Wide

  • Panel customization
Settings > Panel > Item tab > + Add New Items and select "Workspace Switcher".

And now is where the real customization begins...

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