Monday, June 30, 2014

Linux Mint 17 install notes

Some notes and tests from the Linux Mint Qiana Saturday installation on the Thinkpad T430.
  • Base install the OS.
  • Remove unwanted programs.
  • Install updates & kernel (test screensaver & blank screen -to power off the LCD- while dloading and waiting).
  • Change installation passwords.
  • Change login window theme to the Linux Mint one (and set to NOT remember the previous user).
  • Reboot.
  • Install "extra" programs.
  • Test Skype (no problems, even tho I haven't installed the IA-32 Libx package yet, go figure...).
  • Suspend the lappie.
  • Test return from Suspend.
  • Test all USB ports after the Suspend.
  • Install Virtualbox (sudo apt-get install virtualbox-nonfree).
  • Restore previos VB image to ~/VirtualBox/ & test it.
  • Install IA-32 Libs (and test Skype once again).
  • Install Fortigate Client.
  • Test Fortigate connecting to VPN.
  • Restore backups (the most annoying and time consuming of all..).

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