Monday, August 01, 2011

Adding SIP accounts on Ekiga (a solution)

I have a couple of SIP accounts from work, and on Linux usually use Ekiga as the client (a free, nice and easy going, no frills program).
Thing is I've noticed that there wasn't a simple way of adding accounts... Stupid, I know, but a bit of Google proved that I wasn't alone on the thing... At first thought that it was something related to Gnome Global Menu, but even tho after disabling it there is no option on the Accounts window, to add new accounts.
What I did was, using the Configuration Assistant create a fake (free) Ekiga and Ekiga Call Out account and then simpley edit those with the values of my work's accounts.
A couple of links on the problem:

Re: [Ekiga-list] No "Add" account button
No "Add" account button

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