Monday, October 11, 2010

Lusting for a new lappie

Been really busy with work these last couple of days, no time for nothing, not even much reading could be done...

Yesterday, totally by accident, found out a new lappie (new for me at least) that looks kinda hot & totally sexy.

It is the Compaq CQ42, at least that's how it is called outside of the US; the closest one I found (whithin the US) is the CQ62Z, although that one has a bigger screen.

The specs of this little bastard are amazing, I mean, it can hold up 8 GB of RAM, for crying out loud; another thing, the screen hinges look like they were made of real metal. Now the body is plastic, and that is a total let down, but once again, given the specs the lappie is cheap, even for Argentina prices.

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