Sunday, July 12, 2009

Movies of the week (2)

A really lousy selection, I'm afraid...
The only good thing, in fact, the only thing that somehow saved the whole thing was Kate Winslet.
I find her amazingly beautiful.

Revolutionary Road
Kate, Kate, Kate... That's all that matters.

Haven't seeing this one in over 20 years I guess... It doesn't seem to age well; no wonder put a hiatus on Al's career.
I thought that, maybe, there was something I could relate to what I'm reading now... Not at all.
Al Pacino's son (on the movie) keeps fighting all the way up until Band of Brothers.

Simply the worst of the bunch I saw this week, fuck me, what was William H. Macy thinking?

Lords of Dogtown
I find the theme of the film insteresting, don't know why, but this one sucks.
Way better to watch the original stuff.

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