Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Another take at dystopia & nostalgia

Another one of those...

I think I watched this film on TV when I must be around 11 years old or so, a SCI/FI classic to me, if ever there was one.
Up until yesterday I wasn't even able to pinpoint the film, didn't knew or remembered the title, nor the leading characters, etc. Matter of fact, I wasn't even aware if it was a color film or not! (Saw it on a B&W TV)
A post on Ars Technica requesting info on this lead me to it and shed quite a light on the matter :)

The thing that stuck with after all these years is the escape scene thru the flooded gutters and debris, when I saw "Children of Men", and they escape the refugee city the same way, it struck me; or at least, that's what I think.

Z.P.G. (Zero Population Growth)
Z.P.G. (1971) - Monster Hunter review
Z.P.G. (Zero Population Growth)
Zero Population Growth

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