Friday, February 13, 2009

Installing rssh on RHEL 5

Today had to install rssh on a box at work.
All the box at work have the SSH access rather tight (actually, as tight as I can without getting in the way of the developers) so usually and thankfully I don't have to spend much time adding extra layers of security like brute force blocking scripts, the rules are simple, if you don't have to connect to the box, you can't connect to, period; so the chances of getting hammered by script kiddies are really, really small to non existant.

But, there is always one, had to add access to a third party person, and configure ssh to it won't be able to get shell access, but the access has to be secure (of course).

That's when rssh steps in.

Actually, I got the RPM package from DAG, because it was newer than the one on the hmepage. Tested and installed it without a hitch.

The only problem I had came when changed the users shell:

chsh -s /usr/bin/rssh magento
# chsh -s /usr/bin/rssh restricted.user
Changing shell for restricted.user.
Warning: "/usr/bin/rssh" is not listed in /etc/shells
Shell changed.

So I had to append '/usr/bin/rssh' to the end of the '/etc/shells' file, similar to the ProFTPD setup problem I had last year.

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