Monday, September 22, 2008

Importing contacts from Outlook to Evolution

This was a totally Linux weekend around here, not Vista nor Os X, Ubuntu was all there was available, and, to feel more "at home" transfered some of the data from my other boxes...

Importing data, in this case, the contacts, is not hard at all, specially with the latest Evolution version, and on my case, super easy because I ise IMAP for all my email, so no need to tranfer all of them each time I access my email forma another box.

But, it seems like I have done something wrong, because ended up with a lot of duplicates (actually cuadriplicates) for each of my contact.
So, to get things back on track, what I did was:

1- Close Evolution.
2- Move the wrong Address Book data files out of the way:

cd ~/.evolution/addressbook/local/system/
mv * ~/Desktop/

3- Start Evolution again, and then re-import the Contacts.

To transfer the actual Contacts from Outlook itself, I choose the "CSV route", on the Windows box imported all the Contacts to a CSV file, copied that to the Linux box, and then, on Evolution, selected:

1- File -> Import
2- Click on Forward
3- Select "Import a single file" -> Forward
4- Filename, navigate to the contacts.CSV file that you created on the Windows box.
5- Select "Outlook CSV or Tab" -> Forward
6- Import Location, select "Personal" -> Forward
7- Wait till imports everything.

This worked perfectly for me, on the latest Evolution that comes with Ubuntu, and the imported data from an Outlook 2002.
There are other ways, that involved programs (for Windows) like Outport, or using Thunderbird as middle man; again, as I don't have the need to export the actual emails, I did not find a need for using those, tested Outport to transfer the Calendar, but that is another subject :D

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