Saturday, September 20, 2008

Orbis Tertius joy ride

Last night plugged in and took Orbis for a spin, haven't used it in a while now. Turned off all my other boxes, and decided to use Orbis for a while, perhaps the whole weekend.

Guess I am sort of a "computer amish", but the truly stark, low brow hardware from this box, a Pentium II @ 330 MHz, with 512 MB of RAM, seems rather good enough to handle what I'm throwing at...

Got the box to download Bit Torrents, handle email with Evolution, and browse the web with Firefox, yep, it is slow, specially Firefox, but is is certainly usable.
There are lightweight alternatives for everything I'm currently using, yes... But on this one, I like to test the whole thing using the Ubuntu plain vanilla versions.
Perhaps later I'll replace the default Gnome with OpenBox.

The Bit Torrent was a total surprise, quite stable, and it doesn't suck all the resources, downloading a couple of films (The panic in needle park & Rushmore) I can't get anywhere around here.

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