Sunday, August 31, 2008

New toy

On Friday I got a new toy!
My employeer got me an upgrade on the cellular phone I was using, a Nokia K300, which was by far, the worst cellphone I had ever had, the piece of crap was fragile, ugly, small, and amazingly uncomfortable to use with that freaking and unresponsive joystick.

The new cellular is actually a Black Berry, so far, it is very good, it is little bigger than the Nokia, (a thing I like), the sound quality (of the calls) it is amazingly better than what the Nokia offered, and the photos that it takes are very good for a cellphone.

I was after either this model, or the 7200 series model (call me old fashion, but I like the way those looks) But those were not available, the -really- good thing about the 8300 is that it has a built in camera.

Sync' ing the data to the Outlook 2003 on Tango was totally painless; that is, for the contacts, getting the email up & running is another subject that involves the Telco AFAIK... So, I'll have to wait until tomorrow, Monday morning.

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