Monday, August 18, 2008

Alternate CD Command Line Only install

Reinstalling Ubuntu (8.04) on orbis-tertius... Yeap, just once more...
But, this time will not install the server first, and then the Desktop, since I want to play with a full blown desktop, there is no point to it; besides, I want a clean slate to get the NVIDIA video card up & running.

For this one, I have used the Alternate CD, and I performed a "Command Line Only" install, the option to do such install on 8.04 is within the F4 key options.
Boot from the Alternate CD, press F4 key, labeled the "Modes" option, and then navigate with your keyboard to the "Command Line Only" and select it with an Enter; then press Esc to goto the main menu again, and select "Install Ubuntu" and press Enter.

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