Sunday, August 17, 2008

The upgrade that never was

Bumping (trying to) Acer's RAM
A nice thing about upgrading other people's (as well as your own's) computers is that you inevitably end up with a lot of spare hardware, the bad thing is the given hardware usually is a piece of crap.
Like, for instance, this case, my mother's laptop has a really, really amount of RAM, 256 MB, and even XP crawls with that.

So, I tried to maxx up that RAM, but any of the RAM sticks I have work... That laptop needs, ideally, this RAM kit, while, what I had to offer was this one, or this one.

BTW, that Acer is really a piece of sh*t. All silvery plastic (that rubs off at the palm rest), lightweight, yes, but a fragile feeling all around to; and the bundled software... Boy, that sucks... A lot (and I mean a LOT). A whole lot of Acer crapware pre-installed; the nice thing it has is the keyboard.

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