Saturday, May 03, 2008

Reduce the window border on Vista

I effing hate borders on the windows (specially on the sides of the screens, I can live with the bottom, if it serves a purpose on life), I don't like them, I don't understand the need for them, I think they look very, very inelegant.

Vista has some huge window border, most certainly to show off the transparent effect (what a stupid piece of design that it, BTW, transparent window borders....) that Aero offers. since I'm running Windows Vista Starter, and I don't like Aero at all, I have Googled for a way to reduce, or totally kill, the window border on Vista.

There is such an option: Trim Windows Vista's Bloated Window Borders

Now, I'll keep looking for a way to completely remove those pesky and useless windows borders (except the title bar, of course)

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