Monday, November 19, 2007

The effing heat is here again

So, once again... I hate the summer, and I really, really hate hot weather... And the summer it not really here, it'll start on December the 21st, but what a effing Hell.
I miss this post like if it was made on another epoch.

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Blogger rich said...

Is that why all you porteƱos head south to the beach for the summer? All that heat?

Up here in Michigan, USA, it's around 0 Celsius. And it's still not officially Winter yet...

11:35 AM  
Blogger hictio said...

Hey rich!
That's right! Not only the heat, humidity is the real killer here...
And, the "nearby" beaches (400 KM at least) are crap and far over crowded.
To go to a decent beach, you have to either go North to Brazil, or deep South to Patagonia (but water's too cold)

1:18 PM  

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