Thursday, June 07, 2018

Movies During The Weekend

A cold and lovely weekend it was... Lots of movie, a confy bed with the GF, lots of cats around, and a freezing weather outside.

Flight Crew:
This one was a reco from a mutual friend of the GF, got it on storage for a while, and we finally got to see it this weekend.
It was so so... Extremely long, and the subs (the movie is Russian) were really off beat and funny most of the time, they were made with Google Translator or something similar.

Funny and cool.
Maybe, and then maybe, this same movie, directed by the Cohen brothers it might have been fantastic.

Three Days of The Condor:
A true classic, a re-watch for me, first time for the GF.
I loved watching this movie once again, it aged remarkably well.

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