Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Openboxing The Trusty Dell M1330 (II)

Made an upgrade to the "Openboxing The Trusty Dell M1330" project.
Installed Lubuntu's key components on the little lappie.

sudo apt-get install lubuntu-core

After that apt-get, downloaded 221 MB and once extracted, used 805 MB of HDD.
With the whole thing on (Chromium, VLC, etc, etc) I'm using about 5 GB of the disk.
After that, pretty muchs everything works on the lappie, and, BTW, it performs amazingly, but really amazingly well for the hardware it has, (I mean c'mon, it only has 2 GB of freakin' RAM!!!!!).
I had to fight a bit with VLC to get it to play videos, un-mute by hand the sound card, and edit the "/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf" to get the WiFi card to work using the GUI, but things are golden so far...
Also, in order to customize themes easily, had to install this too:

sudo apt-get install lxappearance

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