Friday, September 16, 2016

Linux Mint 18 on the Thinkpad W530

So, Wednesday it was finally time to move the W530 to Linux Mint...
No biggies... Just part of my plan of getting out of Unity, guess this time for good.
Swapped HDDs with the one that was on the T60p (I guess...) and fired up the installer.
The thing literally flies... And I mean right from the very same installer.
No problems at all during the install, it took less than 30 minutes IIRC.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How'd Mint function on W530? Any standard problems (video and wireless used to be common). I'm looking at buying a W500 series and would like to use Mint.

10:50 AM  
Blogger hictio said...

Hey hi there Anonymous,

It works really well.
Only problem I had was this: Cinnamon Panel Without Text, but I'm pretty certain an update took care of that, never happened again.
I'm not using the NVIDIA drivers, but the Nouveau ones.
Everything works out of the box, only thing I've noticed, the FN + F8 or F9 do work, but it seems to have a little lag.
Not that I think of, I have to test the VGA & Mini-Display Port video out, will do.
Let me know if you get the W500 and hot it works, I'm pretty certain you shouldn't run onto any problem.

2:01 PM  

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