Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Movies During The Weekend

Once again, we watched a shit load of movies during the weekend.
Winter and yet another ridiculous holiday helped a lot.

  • The First of The Few
Actually, I watched this one alone, the GF was sleeping, and I feel a couple of times during the movie too.
Nice, but I was extremely tired when I saw it, the most remarkable items where the scale models & the little pond on the Spitfire's inventor garden.

  • Eye in The Sky
Amazingly good movie, way better than "Good Kill", which has -somehow- the same subject matter.

  • In The Line Of Fire
A re-watch for me, and a first watch for the GF, this time on FHD.

  • The Gift
Fantastic thriller, mighty entertaining.
We saw the trailer a couple of months ago with the GF.

  • The Pack
Once again, we saw the trailer with the GF about a month ago or so... It was good, but nothing fantastic...
Starts kinda slow, but then picks up... You might say it is a merge between Cujo and Razorback.

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