Monday, June 13, 2016

The Kernel Upgrade That FUBARED The Jam Trance Mini

Or at least, it broke the Bluetooth connection...
So, the GF has a Jam Trance Mini, right? And the little speaker (now) works Ok on Linux, right?
Thing is, the newest kernel on Ubuntu Xenial Xerus broke all things regarding the Jam Trance Mini; it paired Ok, but it refused to play music, or if it did, the quality was awful.
After testing a thing or two, I've decided the best thing to do was to boot to an older kernel, and give it a shot.
Selecting a different kernel than the default one is a piece of cake, simply press Shift while Linux is booting, and then select the option "Advanced options for Ubuntu" and highlight the kernel you want to boot from.
Now, setting things up so that it automagically boots using that prior kernel, well, that was another beast...
You'll have to edit (via sudo, of course) the file "/etc/default/grub", and get the necessary information from the file "/boot/grub/grub.cfg".

Change the line:


With this:


Where "gnulinux-advanced-2ed5642e-fea9-43ed-bb73-4a32d4e58587" is the menuentry_id_option for the newest kernel (the one that has problems with the Jam Trance Mini), and
"gnulinux-4.4.0-21-generic-advanced-2ed5642e-fea9-43ed-bb73-4a32d4e58587" is the menuentry_id_option for the kernel that you want to use, the one that it has to boot the Linux lappie.

After editing (and saving) the file "/etc/default/grub" you have to execute: sudo update-grub and reboot.

Thats it... The Jam Trance Mini works A Ok once again, and the GF is happy.

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