Friday, June 03, 2016

Movies During The Weekend

Last weekend it was winter at full blast around here, cold, rain, lovely, amazing weather to be shut in with the GF and watch a shitload of movies.

  • 13 Hours
Simply amazing!
The GF and I loved it, keeping up with the best of "Black Hawk Down".

  • Boiler Room
A rewatch for me, firt watch for the GF... IMHO it aged sort of nicely...

  • Phil Spector
Wanted to see this one for quite a while.
At last a role for an aging Al Pacino in which he doesn't do his trademark "Ju Áa"!

  • The Eiger Sanction
Yeah, well, waht can I say... It was entertaining.

  • Deliver Us From Evil
A rewatch for both the GF and me, wanted so to see this one together, since when I saw it, we were in the middle of a stupid and short fight.

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