Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The BIOS Update That Demands a Battery

And if you don't have one, fuck you, dude!
I love Thinkpads, I've been using them with Linux for ages now; but crap like this (and I don't want even start on the sh*t they pull wiht batteries nowadays) really makes me mad.

Ok, so, I wanted to upgrade the BIOS on the T430, in order to try to get a battery, since the one that came with the lappie died...
But, it turns out that:

The battery needs to be charged to avoid an accidental power-off during an update. Turn off the computer and connect the AC adapter to charge the battery.

The thing is, the T430 battery is wiped dead... I was screwed...
Luckily, the battery from the W530 worked A Ok...

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