Friday, May 20, 2016

Movies During The Weekend

We had a problem with the Roku's 220/110 V transformer, yes, the one I've soldered before...
Everything seems ok, no need to solder nothing... But, the MF didn't work...
So, I've did a bit of web research, and it looks like you can actually plug the little thing directly onto 220, I gave that a go, and it worked A Ok, but things didn't look right, so we ditch the Roku for the weekend.
We watched the movies directly on the GF TV, the thing is, subs don't work on her Sony...

  • The Finest Hours
We wanted to see this movie for quite a while, it turned out to be quite good, actually.
Only thing, sometimes it is really obvious that the actors aren't freezing.

  • Pod
We saw the trailer with the GF.
It is nice, it reminds me a lot to an X Files episode.

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