Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Movies During The Weekend

We are back on track, baby!
watched a helluva movies this weekend, it certainly looks like summer weather is finally dying...

  • The Forest
A modern, slick, somehow indie, horror flick.
The GF picked this one.
Nice visually, yes, but the movie is so-so.

  • Truth
Enjoyable, IMHO, better than Spotlight.
The best of this bunch.

  • The Informer
A re-watch for me, but a first for the GF.
It really goes hand in hand after "Truth".
This movie is part of our ongoing attempt to cover the whole Michael Mann filmography.

  • To Live And Die In LA
Another re-watch for me, and a first time for the GF.
I love this movie, watched for the first time in FHD, and obviously the cinematography looks even better.

  • Don Verdean
A piece of crap.
Totally forgettable.
It is a pity, because the cast is really, really good.

  • White House Down
Pure fun.
I think that Olympus Has Fallen was better, but we watched that a long time ago...

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