Wednesday, March 23, 2016

15 Days With The X140e

During the last holidays I took with me the Thinkpad X140e as "the machine".
Even tho I had used extensively since I got it in mid 2015, I've never used it day in day out as the main rig for such a long time.
I have to say that, except for a couple of times when the little lappie chocked for a while loading on a website or two, it performed like a champ.
The damn thing is tough, really built like like a tank, typing on it is pure pleasure.
There are a couple of -I'm pretty sure- software related bugs that pop-up pretty often, sometimes the Unity launcher refuses to execute a Nautilus instance, pretty, pretty annoying.
There other one involves hardware, but I'm not sure it is a total failure, sometimes, after a booting, the the clit mouse and the upper two buttons doesn't work, but the track-pad and the two lower buttons work A Ok.

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