Monday, June 22, 2015

Movies During The Weekend

We had quite a run this past weekend... But we missed our weekly episode of "House Of Cards", it might have been the first one from season 3...

  • The Mechanic
The one with Charles Bronson... It took the GF and me a couple of times (3) to actually finish it.
As I watch it, I realize that I've seen that movie many, many years ago on TV.

  • Maps To The Stars
We continued with another Cronenberg flick.
This one was even weirder than "The Fly".

  • The Exorcist
A re-watch, for the GF and me.
Amazing movie, all around, from the cinematography to the script, I love it.
First time I saw in, on VHS when I was a little kid I was scared shitless for weeks...

  • Run All Night
A suggestion of the GF. Didn't like it too much.
An action flick with Liam Neeson, good if you expect that.

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