Wednesday, March 05, 2014

(Next) Distro Hopping, maybe

These last couple of days I've been watching a bit what's out there, and what are things looking ahead for the next Ubuntu LTS release, that will hit the streets towards the middle of April.
So far, sad to say, I think I'll stay with what I already have (Linux Munt 13 running Cinnamon & MATE).
Unity not only doesn't fixes its own implementation of Global Menu, but also it is doing everything it can to kill it for good.
On MATE, the Global Menu hack that surfaced about a year ago broke when MATE devels released a new version (besides, it was only for 64 bits, so that left many of my out of the game).
So far, if I have to pick a new distro to test, I have to go with Arch Linux, and that is only to be able to get the newest of the new GNOME 3 release running.

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