Monday, July 01, 2013

Unity is not my thing

After close to a month of testing on my T60 I have to go back to Linux Mint MATE. Unity was good, rather snappy actually (that was surprise), but the Global Menu implementation drives me completely crazy, I really can't understand how on Earth they did such a thing. 
I love the Global Menu approach, the idea, to me it makes total sense, no matter how big the screen or its resolution; but why, why, why they had to make it only visible on mouse over?
It seems like a really moronic idea.

Other than that, I had a couple of serious glitches, that is lockups, doing stupid and trivial things like dragging a couple of video files onto GNOME Player... The kind of lockpus  that requires an X Window restart.
So, yeah MATE might look ancient and there no Global Menu -at least with an easy setup- on Linux Mint, but it delivers.

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